Gun activist filming gun-violence documentary
Film looks for real solutions to gun-violence

Denver, CO, July 12, 2017– Gun activist, Edgar Antillon, is releasing a documentary this fall about gun-violence in America titled Rhetoric: All Talk. No Action.

“The goal of this documentary is to find the root causes of gun-violence, and what the real solutions may be to solve the issue of gun-violence,” Antillon said, adding that “gun organizations, pro or against, and politicians have done very little to stop gun violence because they focus on talking points, not solutions.”

Antillon promises that the film is objective, and has one single mission – find real solutions to gun-violence. “It would’ve been easy to find investors for this project, but I could have lost the ability to tell the story as I see it. This isn’t about pushing a pro or anti-gun agenda, but about the real issue that is affecting our country,” said Antillon.


Rhetoric: All Talk. No Action. is an independent film with the objective to find the root causes of gun violence, as well as finding the real solutions to gun-violence.
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